Friday, November 1, 2013

Picchetti Ranch To Maisie’s Peak

View of the valley from Picchetti Ranch

Nearing Maisie's Peak

Friday: (11/01) Another hike with my San Jose Mid-Week Hikers Group today. This was an exploratory hike. That means I’m leading the group on trails myself and the others haven’t hiked before. in this case i couldn’t even be sure looking and the maps that some trails would connect. They did and we had a very nice hike from the Picchetti Ranch OSP to Maisie’s Peak in the Fremont Older OSP going through a portion of Stevens Canyon County Park. The weather was perfect. These hikes usually start at 0930 and this one ended at about 1230 ending up being a 7.2 mile hike. Nice enough to add to the list for future hikes. One of the nice features of this hike is that it started and ends at the Picchetti Winery. I didn’t have time to partake but will try to arrange time and a lunch for the next hike here.

Breakfast on the way to the hike at Jack In The Box. I tried their special Loaded breakfast Sandwich. Pretty good! My hikes usually last past Lou and Dawn’s lunch time so i should be smart enough to get lunch before I get home, but I’m not. I had a few cookies for lunch. We all went down to San Jose after that. Dawn had a doctor’s appointment and Lou just wanted to get out. We dropped Dawn off and Lou and i stopped by the Westfield Mall and took a “walk”.  When Dawn was through we stopped for dinner at the China China Buffet in Santa Clara. I’m still looking for an really good Chinese Buffet. This wasn’t it and the others we’ve tried, and sometimes return to are it either. The Sunny Buffet is hard to replace.

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