Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Warm Spot In Winter

Friday: (11/21) To try something new, we visited the Grocery Outlet Market this evening to get what they had that was on our shopping list. Usually they have been our last stop because they open later and often they have things we've already purchased for less. We thought we'd try a new way to eliminate that awful feeling overpaying gives us.

Saturday: (11/22) A nibble and coffee at Walmart's McDonald's before doing our regular Saturday morning shopping run. Our second stop at Sprout's Market completed most of our Thanksgiving shopping. After a catchup nap I spent some time working on the greenhouse doors. I converted them to provide a rodent seal with wire earlier this year. Usually the doors were just removed in warm weather. Now that it's getting cooler, I needed to make the doors solid to keep it warm inside. Lou made breakfast sandwiches for our real breakfast. Mizrahi cheese noodles and broccoli for lunch. Pork ribs, rice and baked beans for dinner. After dinner we went to the Telabration where Dawn was one of the story tellers.

Sunday: (11/23) Lou's birthday. Breakfast at A Good Morning restaurant followed by some shopping.

Monday: (11/24) I drove down to San Jose after breakfast. Today's task was to start connecting the drain line on the north side of the house. I placed a line in there several years ago when I installed a walkway and fence. It has been dry because it went nowhere. Now to make it go somewhere. I had to trim the apricot tree above my trench path. I also tunneled under the planter strip concrete edging. Even though it was only a half day of work there was some progress. I made egg, pastrami and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Tuna and cheese sandwich for lunch. Corn, pastrami and rice for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/25) More trenching today. I installed the line around to the middle of the entrance walkway. Granola for breakfast. Pastrami and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn stopped by for dinner. For dinner, a super burrito from Super Taqueria for me and quesadillas for Lou and Dawn.

San Jose Drain 0248 San Jose Drain 0252
Above left I forgot to put a clean-out where I started the extension so I ended up with two right next to each other, one for each direction. They wont come to the surface but will be buried a couple of inches deep. Should eliminate too much digging to clear a line. Above right the drain line passes in front of the front porch steps.

San Jose Drain 0253 San Jose Drain 0258 San Jose Drain 0269
The line passes through the flower bed and starts across the front walkway. That small white pipe made it to the middle of the walkway but when I returned the next day to continue from there I forgot to connect to it to extend. It was buried in the fill rock while the drain line continued further.  I had to find it later. When i left for the weekend and Thanksgiving holiday I just placed estra base rock to level the patch.

Wednesday: (11/26) Dug more trench and installed the line to the South edge of the porch. When I install a section of pipe, I back fill as much as possible before continuing to dig more trench. All is nice and secure for the holiday and for the forecast rain this weekend. It should continue into Monday so no work then. It's OK because we have an appointment then. Granola for breakfast. Pastrami and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou's enchiladas and chili rellenos for dinner

San Jose Drain 0266 San Jose Drain 0263
Lots of obstacles. The water main, the sewer line and sprinkler pipes had to be dodged (sewer and water line), or temporarily removed (sprinkler lines). I try to manage my materials making as little mess as possible and leaving the place quite nice for the weekends. Still I get nothing but complaints from the tenant.

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