Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tarwater Loop Trail In The Rain

Friday: (10/31) My usual Loaded Breakfast Sandwich from jack In The Box fortified me for my hike today. I wasn't sure if I'd have any company for my hike. The number of hikers signed up dropped from 24 to 12 in the past day. We had a serious rain storm predicted. I met the eleven hikers that did show up. Turns out the 12th just over slept. Ahh! dedicated hikers. We had some light rain and sprinkles on out 5.5 mile hike with the last half mile turning into a downpour. So all in all, a nice hike. Nice to have a group of dedicated hikers to hike rain or shine. We finished early at noon. I dashed toward home down the hill. I showered and did the final prep to leave. I pulled away about 1330. I was to met Lou in San jose to hookup the Jeep. Traffic was terrible due to two accidents on the freeway. We didn't leave San Jose until after 1600. I didn't want to get back on the freeway so we took Monterey Highway, the old highway South. That was a good idea until we got to Morgan Hill where they had a detour, not well thought out, for a street fair. An hour later we had passed through the eight block detour and were on our way again. We stopped for gas in Salinas and dinner in Greenfield at Rancho San Miguel market. We stopped at a rest area in Bradley North of Paso Robles at 2200.

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