Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Las Vegas

Monday: (11/03) Sausage eggs and hash browns for breakfast. We went to the scooter repair shop and the mechanic confirmed my opinion that the scooter would be difficult to repair and my fix will probably work for a while so no repairs made. We then shifted into thrift store mode visiting several around town. We also visited the Bass Pro Store and the Pet Kingdom store. The pet store has lots of exotic pets so we try to visit when we are in town. Lunch at Jetty's Casino Cafe in North Las Vegas. Chili sizes for dinner at camp.

Tuesday: (11/04) Getting up early just after first light gives us a chance for a walk while the wind isn't blowing.

Las Vegas Wash 0178 Las Vegas Wash 0189
We started the day with a walk around camp then I took a short walk down the hill to the river. When back at camp it was nice just enjoying the view from our chairs until the wind arrived.

Las Vegas Wash Archilogic Relics 0191 Las Vegas Wash Yellow Flowers 0188
Then it was time for breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Ernie called to say he arrived here in Las Vegas as well. We agreed to meet for lunch. We did some thrift shopping and I visited Dick's Sporting goods for a look before meeting Ernie at the Sunset Casino for lunch at their buffet. After lunch we returned the camp to relax and enjoy a campfire with our neighbor. No dinner needed due to the late lunch.

Wednesday: (11/05) Lou made eggs, potatoes and bacon for breakfast. I got to work on the water leak at the drivers window. i located my black caulk and recaulked the top of the window and along a portion of the rubber roof above that. Hopefully good enough for a while. After a green salad lunch, Lou and Dawn were off to the thrift and book stores. I relaxed at camp and tinkered at the computer. They returned about 1930 and we had a ham sandwich for dinner.

Thursday: (11/06) Another eggs, potatoes and bacon breakfast. We were all off to the thrift, book and pet stores again today. A Chinese buffet for lunch and dinner at the Palace Station buffet. I stumbled onto a wonderful nursery called Plant World. All sorts of plants but the real wonderful thing is that there are a dozen or more parrots scattered around the place and a bunch of house cats. My kind of place.


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