Saturday, November 1, 2014


Saturday: (11/01) We got up early a little after 0400 and hit the road. The rain had mostly stopped. We beat the sun low in our eyes both because we were so early and because it was cloudy. We arrived at Aunt Helen's about 0630. We all went to Milt's restaurant for breakfast. While the girls were all out thrift shopping, I  was busy napping. We had a very late lunch at Bill Lee's Chinese restaurant. Late enough that dinner wasn't needed.

Sunday: (11/02) We got up an hour early because we hadn't reset the clocks for DLST. Leftovers for breakfast. All hooked up and ready to leave at 0900. The RV had a new sound when i started up so I checked the power steering fluid and it was low. We got gas and they didn't have the fluid so a stop at an AutoZone Store provided the power steering fluid and quieted the noise. The rain was mostly gone just clouds and the occasional sprinkles. Cold cuts on the road for lunch. We arrived at Lake Mead's Las Vegas Wash Campground by 1530 and settled in. Dinner was open face pepper steak sandwiches followed with fresh strawberries. It was dark by 1730 but we should enjoy a nice early morning now.

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