Friday, November 14, 2014

Razorback Ridge / Hamms Gulch Loop Hike

Friday: (11/14) I started my Friday Hike day with the usual Loaded Breakfast Sandwich from Jack In The Box. I find the sandwich provides enough fuel to get up to the top of mountains without loading me down to start. Oatmeal just doesn't do it. I met two fellow hikers here at the house to carpool to the trail head.

Razorback Ridge Hike 431516865 Razorback Ridge Hike 431516866 
We met the other hikers at the trailhead, 23 hikers total. It was a nice day for the hike though our recent rains made parts of the trail rather muddy.

Razorback Ridge Hike 431518112 Razorback Ridge Hike 431518133
The hike was 10.1 miles. We started at 0930 and finished at 1330.

Razorback Ridge Hike 431518123 Razorback Ridge Hike 431518127
The falls colors were wonderful.


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