Monday, January 26, 2015

Final Week For Drain Project

Monday: (01/26) A short walk across San Jose State university campus to get my usual bacon breakfast burrito from La Victoria. I mixed and poured another section of concrete for the front sidewalk. Then I spent some time installing downspouts into the new drain inlets. I had to make a quick run to Home Depot to get some 3" couplers for the downspouts and picked up some patching cement to repair the step I had poked a hole through for a drain inlet. I patched the step and installed some more downspouts in the afternoon. I ran out of the patching cement so I'll get ome more and finish it later. It looked like a small hole? Leftover onion soup with toasted English muffins for lunch. Leftover stuffed bell peppers for dinner. I finished the broom finish at 1145 and then headed up to Palo Alto for the night and t pick up some tools.

Tuesday: (01/27) Up early and off to Home depot for a few things. I stopped at La Victoria, of course for breakfast. I finished installing all the dowwnspout . it was interesting finding the inlets I installed seven u=years ago because the tops were covered. I found the two i needed. One is for a new downspout to be, and the other i had some difficulty due to alignment problems. More fitting s needed for it, the new one will have to wait. I installed the replacemnt discharge pipe under the house for the basement sump pump to replace the hose its been using. A hot dog sandwich for lunch. I then prepared for the water main valve replacement. i removed the water meter pull box. last time i tried to shut the water off there it wouldn't budge with my tee handle valve wrench. I moved smoothly after I had more room to use a crescent wrench on it with the box gone. maybe i should have tried it with the tee wrench again. Maybe it was fixed? I then made a parts list. Lou came by and we e=went to dinner at Applebee's then i stopped by Home Depot again for the pipes and stuff for the water main valve replacement and relocation.

Wednesday: (01/28) Another nice day with a cool start. I Walked over to la Victoria for a burrito. I had scheduled with the San Jose tenants to shut off the water at 0900. While I waited, i finished installing the odd ball downspout connection to the drain system. I had to move over 6 inches and out four inches so I used four ellbows to get there. Fortunately, it worked. About o915 I was given the all clear and shut the water off. I was very lucky in that the old pipes came apart fairly easily even though they looked very rusted up. I installed them all about 32 years ago. I have always regretted reusing that original shutoff valve. It would never shut off all the way and usually leaked. Now, I've finally fixed it. 32 years, not bad. Even more amazing, the new pipes and fittings all went in easily and I had everything I needed. No extra trips to the hardware store to get anything. The pipes I had cut and threaded last night worked well. As part of the replacement I relocated the valve as well so it isn't in the way of the new sidewalk. Eventually i'll be installing a step where the valve was, but that's another project. Someday, I need to replace all the concrete on the front porch. I was finished an the water was back on by 1115. I had estimated 3-6 hours to complete the job. I then back filled the pipe trench and reset the water meter box which i had removed to access the street water valve. Then I prepped the form and rebar for the final section of the sidewalk. Another trip to Home Depot to return all the miscellaneous parts I didn't use including the extra pipe nipples I had gotten for the valve installation. I picked up some more concrete and a couple of pvc fittings to complete the job and had lunch at Five Guys hamburger joint. I have never been there before. it was a late lunch at 1400. When I got back, i poured the walkway. I knew I'd be up late finishing it but I want to have every thing finished by my departure tomorrow. After I poured the concrete I took a shower and visited the Grocery Outlet market for a few things for dinner. I was then continually setting the alarm on my phone for about two hours distant to check and finish the concrete. I had a chicken pot pie for dinner. I knew it would be a long night when i poured concrete at nearly 5 pm. It was. I did the final brush finishing at 0600.

San Jose Drain 0061 San Jose Drain 0062
Ready for a new water line and valve.

San Jose Drain 0063 San Jose Drain 91422464994300
The fence is up. I need to start at the pipe coupler above right to install the new valve.

San Jose Drain 91422465023709 San Jose Drain 0064
Above left is the old valve. Above right is the new valve.

San Jose Drain 0065 San Jose Drain 0066
The new entrance where the old valve was located on the left. Right is the view of the new line path.

San Jose Drain 0069 San Jose Drain 0070
My crooked downspout. and thefinal sidewalk ready to pour.

San Jose Drain 0072
Just poured the last of the walkway.

Thursday: (01/29) I was up at 0715. Corned beef hash breakfast at the Flames restaurant. I stripped the form, back filled, regraded the flowerbed, and spread some bark ground cover. The Jeep was filled with the last of the extra dirt, and concrete debris, tools, and other job related materials. I also hooked up the sump pump. When I tested it, the tethered float switch didn't work properly due to the narrow basin. I had the same problem with the basement pump as well. I picked up a different type of float switch, installed it and it worked properly. Lunch at Straw Hat Pizza. I also tested the basement pump since I replaced it's discharge piping. My final task was to complete the concrete patch of the step where one of the drain inlets passed through. I had run out of patch cement on the first attempt. I then returned home with th cramed full Jeep and unloaded it. Lou made tacos for dinner. I then napped.

San Jose Drain 0074 San Jose Drain 0076
Starting to look good. The view down into the sump

San Jose Drain 0078 San Jose Drain 0079
Finished. The bark makes the difference.

San Jose Drain 0081 San Jose Drain 0086
My plywood lid will be replaced later when I get a piece of marine plywood. On the right is the patched step.

San Jose Drain 0087 San Jose Drain 0088
The left front of the hose has grown out some but the trench line is visible. i added bark to the trench line as well.

San Jose Drain 0089 San Jose Drain 0090
Wow, It almost looks good again.

San Jose Drain 0091
All this for that. The water does make it to the street. I do intend to install a better discharge if I can ever find one.

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