Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Red Rock Canyon SP

Friday: (02/27) Leftover chili for breakfast. After our last unlimited showers we prepared for launch. Helen's son Jay stopped by and then Helen was off to a class and we were on the road by 1000. We stopped at Camping world to get a new plug for the sink and LPG. We also filled the gas tanks in the RV and Jeep then headed out Highway 58 to Tehachapi. Clear skies and nice weather. Lunch at the Apple Shed. Lou had soup and I had the soup and salad bar. Then we continued on to Highway 14 and up to Red Rock Canyon State Park. there were high wind warning signs for the highway as there seems to always be. No problems though. The campground was about 1/3 full. We chose a nice site next to the cliff with a view of the valley and no sigh of water flowing through it recently like several campsites had. clips and salsa for dinner. I have joined Lou with her cold. she thought she had an allergy attack this past week but I don't catch allergy attacks. We binge watched the TV show Weeds.

Saturday: (02/28) Granola with strawberries for breakfast. We walked the campground then took a drive. We drove some Jeep roads East of Highway 14. Came to the end of our path where the road headed  up a steep bumpy rock. Some Jeeps more capable than ours coming the opposite direction wouldn't come down. Some ATV's an motorcycles made it with difficulties. We drove backtracked around via another road to the other side then further out the roads until the road condition an threat of rain turned us around. Ham an cheese sandwiches for lunch. Roast chicken baked beans and broccoli for dinner. A little rain in the ex evening and overnight.

Sunday: (03/02) Granola for breakfast. Lou's hot and sour soup for lunch. Chorizo sausage and onions for dinner. A rainy day while we nursed our colds at home. Exciting! More binge Weeds watching.

Monday: (03/02) Skillet chorizo eggs and potatoes for breakfast. We started with a short walk around behind the bluffs up the wash. Lou did quite well. After some tea at camp overlooking the valley I took off for a walk along the bluff edge. It was only a little over 2 miles but occasionally quite exciting because parts of it were on the knife edge of the rim and other parts just along the bluff edge. Good views! A quick hike for someone recovering from a cold. After hot and sour soup for lunch it was time for a nap. We then walked across the valley to the visitor center but it was closed. Seems like it should have been open. So, we headed off in the Jeep to Dove Springs then West through the Blm lands on jeep/ATV roads coming out on a paved road that took us North to Weldon. We stopped use the cell phone since we had signal. We continued East on Highway 178 to Highway 14, the South to our camp at Red Rock Canyon SP. Chili sizes for dinner. We listened to radio mysteries in the evening.

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