Saturday, January 24, 2015

Catching Up On Sleep

Saturday: (01/24) I enjoyed my first good nights sleep for a few day. No late night cement finishing to do. I intend to do even more resting this weekend. Off to our Saturday markets visits. Lou fixed bacon eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I emptied out the Jeep and vacuumed and cleaned it out. I also wiped all the dust from the ouside, a sort of waterless wash job. Hopefully there wont be too much more dirty loads. I then collected some materials for the project. Lou's French onion soup for lunch.

Sunday: (01/25) Lou made almond flour waffles with peanut butter and jam for breakfast. Dawn has a cold and is recovering. Lou and I were off shopping each in our own directions. I stopped at two REI stores looking for a pair of convertible hiking pants to replace the pair that I ripped last week. On my way, I had some hot and soupr soup for lunch from Lucky Chinese restaurant. Just some insurance against catching Dawn's cold. Lou was busy trimming the berry vines. I made stuffed bell peppers for dinner.



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