Friday, January 30, 2015

More RV Repairs

Friday: (01/30) I spent some time putting tings away that I'd been using in San Jose and reorganized my tool bags.

OK, now it is time to get ready to go. I wanted to do a deferred RV repair. When we were in Panguitch, Utah a couple of years ago and had the RV in the shop there getting new exhaust manifolds while the RV was driven off the lift, the sewer drain line was broken at the gray water tank valve. Wouldn't be a really difficult job, if it weren't for the fact that there is no room to add a coupler to attach the replacement valve hub which is what broke. It's all directly attached hub to elbow to elbow to tee. That meant I had to replace everything so that is why I just taped it up with friction tape and all has been well since. But it was time to do the real repair. I had purchased the fittings earlier. I've been thinking of how I might make it better so an impact to the 3" drain line didn't break anything in the future. So I relocated the tee further upstream and ran the 1.5" line from the gray water tank to it via a short length of pipe coupled with a couple of rubber hubless fittings. Now, when the 3" line is moved, the 1.5" line just flexes because of the rubber fittings and the extra pipe length. It all sounds simple to do but it was underneath the RV, difficult to get to, etc, etc. I hadn't decided on the rubber hubless fittings previously so I had to go get them. In doing so, one fitting was mislabeled so I had to return to get the proper one. I finished most of the new installation tonight but will finish the rest tomorrow morning.

We all went to A Good Morning Restaurant for breakfast. Leftover French onion soup and toast  for lunch. Jambalaya rice with baked beans and grilled pork for dinner.

Saturday: (01/31) Leftover spinach au gratin potatoes with chorizo for breakfast. I finished up the RV drain repair and modification. Seems to work now, no leaks. Lou wanted to take a shower in the RV and do a thorough cleaning of the shower. Shouldn't have been a problem except the water heater wouldn't start. It sometimes acts up but usually eventually starts. Not this time. I trouble shot that and determined everything is good except for the control board so I ordered one for one day delivery from Amazon. Hopefully that will fix it and we can be off tomorrow sometime or early Monday. Nice green salads for lunch. BBQ ribs for dinner.

RV Sewer Repair 0100


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