Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blue Grass

Saturday: (01/17) We did our weekly grocery shopping trip first thing. I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. My major project for the day was a binge  TV watching of the fifth season of "Justified". Hot dog sandwich for lunch. Spaghetti squash with walnut olive oil sauce for dinner. Our front lawn is generally starting to green up some due to the rains but tonight we were more in to some bluegrass. We then were off to a bluegrass concert in Mountain View. The Tuttles with A.J. Lee and John Mailander were the guests. Excellent local group.

Sunday: (01/18) Dawn made boysenberry pancakes for breakfast. Our microwave died yesterday so we were off to try to get it replaced. We bought it at Fry's Electronics. If you have read this blog's entries for a little over a year ago, we had some problems getting a microwave oven to work. our existing one died after 4-5 years of service, then our backup died. We then purchased a new Daewoo oven at Fry's only to have it die shortly thereafter. They replaced it under the warranty and the replacement died a day or two later. We returned the second dead one for full credit and bought  new Panasonic oven. That one did 5 months later in May and Fry's replaced it under the two year warranty we had purchased. So all was well until yesterday when that Panasonic microwave oven died as well. No problem, we had a two year warranty with only a year having passed. We stopped in at the Palo Alto Fry's and they would have replaced it but didn't have that model in stock. So we had them chenc nearby and their Sunnyvale store had a bunch. We headed over there and they were ready to replace it but then the manager noticed the replacement that occurred in May and pointed out some more words in the warranty. It was a two year one-time replacement warranty, not a warranty for two years. We, like most people were considering it a two year warranty.. That's what most places provide. It is covered by Panasonic so now we will try to have it repaired. It is quite obvious we are not having good luck with our microwave ovens. No, the problem is not the power to the ovens. There is a monitor on the line and no problems reported. The adventure continues. A couple of lessons learned though. Read the fine print and but future appliances from some place other than Fry's. We then stopped for lunch at the Country Inn restaurant in San Jose nd did some shopping. I looked around REI and Lou and Dawn a nearby thrift store. I needed a replacement sun shirt and a new pair of hiking pants. I found a good shirt but while the had the type and size of pants I needed, they didn't have the color I wanted so I find the pants at one of their other stores or online. I, of couse, did find a few other necessary items as well. One item was a bag for my bear canister that allows it to be tied on top of my backpack. Carrying ten days of food and the canister would definitely fill up my pack. Hot and sour soup from Lucky Chinese restaurant for dinner.


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