Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dave’s Ranch

Daves Ranch 0423160626_HDR Daves Ranch 0423160626a_HDR
Saturday:(04/23) Lou and I were up early as usual and took a morning walk.  A highlight was a bald eagle nest above one of the ponds.
Daves Ranch 0423160640_HDR Daves Ranch 0423160627a_HDR
Nice to be out early with the birds.
Daves Ranch 0423160707a_HDR
The original homesteaders cabin currently occupied by homesteadng rats.
Daves Ranch 0423160708_HDR Daves Ranch 0423160722_HDR
Daves Ranch 0423160733_HDR Daves Ranch 0423161104_HDR
There were a couple of geese by one of the ponds. Some of the canoes had to be retrieved from the depths of the pond.
Daves Ranch 0423161311a_HDR Daves Ranch 0423161311b_HDR
During the day I took two walks with Dave on the roads and trails on the ranch. More folks from our Meetup hiking group arrived for the hikes and for lunch. Those of us that were camping went to dinner at The Junction Bar and Grill about a couple of miles from the ranch, the only business in the valley. We all tried to surprise Dave with a birthday cake for his recent birthday. Inside chat by fireplace in the evening, still cold outside. Caroline, one of the guest made chocolate chip cookies. A great day.
Daves Ranch 0423161314_HDR Daves Ranch 0423161226_HDR
Sunday: (04/24) Leftovers for breakfast. Lou and I took walk and also took the jeep up to the ridge on one of the “roads”. Otherwise we prepared to leave and said goodbyes. Lou and I departed and were in Livermore by 1130. We took a walk and stopped for lunch at a taqueria. Then were were off to home. We tucked the RV into the drive way and settled in. For dinner we went to Sweet Tomatoes with Ernie and Cecelia.
Daves Ranch 0424160742_HDR Daves Ranch 0424160901_HDR
Left looking down toward the runway from up the hill. The boys, Ryan and Riley were having fun with their RC truck and boat launching and retrieving the boat from the pond.
Daves Ranch 0424160854_Pano
Panorama from the runway.

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