Thursday, April 21, 2016

PCT Hike, MM664 To MM652, Feeling Better4

Thursday: (04/21) I was up at 0600 feeling better and on trail at 0715. I still didn’t feel like eating much. Good thing I felt better.
PCT MM664 to MM652 0421160838_HDR PCT MM664 to MM652 0421160954_HDR
I started with a 1000 foot climb followed by another 2000 foot climb then a long descent down to the road.
PCT MM664 to MM652 0421160954a_HDR
There was trail magic at the Walker Basin campground where I enjoyed an orange, a tangerine and an apple. I also enjoyed some water so I didn’t need to drink the radio active water. Lou picked me up shortly and we returned to Bakersfield. We went to the China Town Buffet for dinner. I wanted some hot and sour soup and veggies. I enjoyed a long shower, the hot tub, and we were ready to roll.

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