Monday, April 18, 2016

PCT Hike, MM704 to MM692, Flip From Kennedy Meadows.

Monday: (04/18) Corned beef hash leftovers and eggs for breakfast. We drove up Kern Canyon on Highway 178 then took Canebrake Road, a dirt road North to Kennedy Meadows Road, a paved road, then on up to Kennedy Meadows.
PCT MM704 to MM692 0418161106_HDR
We had lunch of car snacks at Kennedy Meadows campground which is mile 704 of the PCT.
PCT MM704 to MM692 0418161149_HDR PCT MM704 to MM692 0418161226_HDR
I was on the trail at 1115. I met Cody and Mathew, the Auzies just about 4 miles down trail. I had last seen them at Hikertown.
PCT MM704 to MM692 0418161247_HDR PCT MM704 to MM692 0418161528_HDR
The trail starts across Kennedy Meadows and beside the South Fork of the Kern River for about 4 miles then leaves the river and proceeds over fairly nice rolling trail through a valley ending with a long climb out of the valley.
PCT MM704 to MM692 0418161555_HDR PCT MM704 to MM692 0418161656_HDR
I camped about midway up. I hiked 13 miles today stopping at at MM692.

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