Tuesday, April 19, 2016

PCT Hike, MM692 to MM676, A Day To Meet Northbouders

Tuesday: (04/19) I enjoyed a nice moonlit night.
PCT MM692 to MM676 0419160819_HDR
Near the top of the climb this morning I met four of the group of five. Runaway, Viking, Woody, and Skywalker. Then following right behind them was Lux, all hikers I met on the last day before highway 178, my last segment. I also met a section hiker Art. later in thee day I met a father and daughter out on a day hike near Canebrake Rd. And finally I met Bluefeather who is completing his 6 year section hike with this as his last segment. Today’s trail continued through many miles of burnt forest. Eventually it entered a nice forest for the second 8 miles of today’s hike.
PCT MM692 to MM676 0419160819_Pano
Panoramic view near the top of the climb.
PCT MM692 to MM676 0419161051_HDR PCT MM692 to MM676 0419161221_HDR
Some nice forest and a horse trough. The trough is at Fox Mill Spring. I actually used the trickle from the creek behind the trough.
PCT MM692 to MM676 0419161259a_HDR PCT MM692 to MM676 0419161715_HDR
Saw some horny horned toad lizards along the way. I camped at MM676.

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