Friday, April 15, 2016

PCT Hike, MM612 to MM630

PCT MM612 to MM630 0415160644_HDR PCT MM612 to MM630 0415160744b_HDR
Friday: (04/15) I was up early and on trail about 0700. I left before Jens but he passed me a mile or so later. He said he was planning on doing 32 miles today.
PCT MM612 to MM630 0415160906_HDR PCT MM612 to MM630 0415161032_HDR
I last saw him at the water cache at Kelso Rd. The trail changed from a nice forest where I started into treeless chaparral desert. My cache at Kelso wasn’t needed. There was plenty of water in the maintained cache. The trail from Kelso Road was mostly desert chaparral but surprisingly had some nice forested areas as well.
PCT MM612 to MM630 0415161142_HDR PCT MM612 to MM630 0415161206a_HDR
As I was taking a break, a day hiking local girl passed by. At Bird Spring Road, MM630, where I camped and had left 6 gallons of water, I probably only needed one gallon. I was settled in for the night and an ATV passed by and i heard “hello” so I said “hello” back. No response. Later “Tonka” came by my tent. He is a Southbound hiker. He had said hello to the ATV’er, not to me and was unheard. He came over to my tent and I poked my head out and he talked for about 30 minutes. Must have been lonely. I finally had to pull my head inside the tent and talk from inside. He used some of my extra water. About 930pm a car drove up and a car came and spent the night with us.

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