Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PCT Hike, MM676 to MM664, A Sick Day

Wednesday: (04/20) I got sick during the night. I was on trail at 0645. Couldn’t eat anything all day.
PCT MM676 to MM664 0420160745_HDR PCT MM676 to MM664 0420160832a_HDR
Nice trail today except that it involved a 1000 foot climb.
PCT MM676 to MM664 0420160856_HDR PCT MM676 to MM664 0420160857_HDR PCT MM676 to MM664 0420161305_HDR
Even some flowers. On the down side of the mountain today it was more desert like.
PCT MM676 to MM664 0420161836_HDR PCT MM676 to MM664 0420161955a_HDR
I stopped early before at 1600 too tired to walk more than 25 feet with a long rest before continuing. I just had no energy. I setup my cowboy camp at MM694 and took an hour nap. I felt better so I walked down to the spring near where I stopped. No problem. This spring is condemned “not for human consumption” due to uranium in the water. It’s still water and really not a problem for such limited use as a couple of liters of water. I just wanted it in case I needed to camp another night. There is no water further down the trail. Hiking back up to my camp was a effort even though I was only carrying 2 liters of water and no pack. I had good 4G signal I so updated Facebook. But, for some reason, I couldn’t make a phone call? Greg from San Jose a Nobo (Northbound) through hiker camped near me arriving at 1950.

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