Saturday, January 25, 2020

Fluttering Around Projects

Saturday: (01/25) I relaxed in the morning. Later I was a chauffeur. In the afternoon, I tried to install a breaker for the inverter input. It’s only protected by it’s internal breaker and the battery overload breaker now. Unfortunately, the 300 amp breaker I bought trips at less than the 152 amp load of the microwave. So I removed it. I did have to re-crimp the lug on the cable. Sometime, I’ll have to re-crimp all of my original crimps. Granola for breakfast. Lunch at The Creamery in downtown Palo Alto. Lou and I looked at a nearby open house. Dawn made chili beans for dinner. In the evening I prepared and scheduled a hike for next Friday.

Sunday: (01/26) I worked on tax preparation for most of the day. Ham , eggs and potatoes for breakfast. PBJ toast for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner.

Monday: (01/27) Granola for breakfast. Lunch at the Little House in Menlo Park. Lou and Dawn had a balance class there. I explored nearby and also checked Heritage Grove Trailhead access and parking for a future hike. Lou had an appointment in the afternoon in Santa Clara. Chili beans for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/28) Granola for breakfast. I started the day with a bike ride to look over all the nearby construction projects. Back home, I warmed up the little car with a run to Sprouts Market for some trail snacks. Then I stopped by and got the car smog tested. Hummus toast for lunch. Dinner at LUU Noodle House. After dinner we went to see Little Women at the Icon Theater.

Wednesday: (01/29) I prepared pork chops with eggs and home fried potatoes. I worked in the RV for a while then got outside and started more tree trimming above the back fence. I’m doing serious limb removal to raise the limbs and allow more sunlight in the back flowerbed. I interrupted that project and went to lunch with Lou, Dawn and Cecelia at the Sweet Tomato Salad Buffet. Back home, I completed my trimming and debris removal.

Thursday: (01/30) Lou and Dawn were off to Safeway early. I washed the two cars and the RV in the morning. Chili beans and toast for lunch. Lou and I drove to San Jose to deliver a rent increase letter to the tenants at Dawn’s house. We stopped at Walmart on the way home and picked up our order of tea. It was short one box so I used the online account to report it and it’s on the way. Dawn’s fish and artichokes over rice for dinner. After dinner I updated the radio software in the Jeep trying to get the remote system app to work. After 30 minutes on the phone with tech support it still doesn’t work but it is elevated to a ticket.

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