Saturday, January 4, 2020

Some RV Improvements

Saturday: (01/04) I worked on the RV making a mount for the new DC-DC battery charger and increased the size of the storage compartment. Now waiting for some paint to dry. I’ll also be installing some vents into the compartment under the RV. My hole saw should arrive today. I decided to do some tree trimming so I removed a couple of 6 inch limbs from our neighbors tree that hang low over the fence in our yard. I filled one compost bin with the trimmings. Granola for breakfast. A tuna sandwich for lunch. I picked up dinner from LUU Noodle House.

Sunday: (01/05) I did a little pruning of the blueberry bushes and some weeding in the front flower bed. Lou took a walk to the corner and back, no cane, no walker and no problem. I prepared ham and eggs with fried mashed potatoes for breakfast. Leftover Chinese for lunch.

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