Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Oceana Week

Tuesday: (01/14) Granola for breakfast. Lou had her last PT appointment. We then had lunch at Aqui’s in Campbell before heading home. At home, I received my new circuit breakers and installed them. The test of the new battery/solar charger worked. How nice. Leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/15) We drove down to Oceana for a few days. We settled in at Oceana County Park through Monday morning. Breakfast at the Longhorn Restaurant in Gilroy on the way down. I had lunch at the Chinese buffet in Paso Robles while Lou and Dawn visited the thrift store there. We had leftovers for dinner.

Thursday: (01/16) Granola for breakfast. I took a morning walk out to the beach then along the river into Oceans and back to camp. After lunch we drove up to San Luis Obispo again to visit some more thrift stores. More leftovers for breakfast. Lunch at Efren’s Mexican Deli which I discovered on my morning walk.





Friday: (01/17) We drove up to San Luis Obispo to visit some thrift stores and for lunch. Leftovers for Breakfast and Dinner. Lunch at Blast Pizza in SLO.

Saturday: (01/18) No rain today but a very cold morning. Lou rested at home and Dawn and I went to Atascadero to the Tamale Festival. An interesting town and a large group of tamale vendors. We sampled a couple of vendors. Granola for breakfast. Tamales for lunch and dinner.


Sunday: (01/19) I drove up to above San Luis Obispo and hiked up TV Tower Road on Cuesta Grade to the Botanical Preserve. I then hiked back on the yellow trail called the Botanical Trail. It was only 2.5 miles to the Botanical Preserve but it was 5.6 miles back. Going out is a ridge top road. Coming back was a rocky bike trail down the mountain and back up again. The views from the top of the ridge were great. Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou and Dawn went to Old Juan’s restaurant for lunch. I had leftovers for my lunch. Dinner at Pismo Fish And Chips Restaurant.




Monday: (01/20) We moved the RV out of our campsite across the street to the park. Then we were off to breakfast at the Country Kitchen in Arroyo Grande. Then a visit to a thrift store and we hooked up the Jeep and were off. We stopped in Atascadero at another thrift store. I found a couple of nice shirts there. Next stop was Paso Robles for lunch. I had intended to enjoy my Chinese Buffet while Lou and Dawn had lunch at the Paso Robles Inn. It turned out that my restaurant was closed on Monday so I joined Lou and Dawn at the Inn and we had Brussels sprouts and potato soup for lunch. Back on the road and a stop South of King City for a nap. Then a stop in Gilroy. Lou and Dawn looked at a thrift store while I got gas at Costco. We were home just before 6pm. I parked the RV and set it up.

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