Monday, January 6, 2020

Los Trancos OSP Hike

Monday: (01/06) I was up early to get ready for my hike. Alex met me and We picked up Lynn on the way up to Los Trancos Open Space preserve for the hike. I had 17 fellow hikers met us for the hike. This is a repeat of one of my earliest hike routes. It wanders around the trails in the preserve. This preserve has lots of earthquake related things to look at. A fence here was offset 6 feet in the 1906 earthquake. We hiked down the mountain into the Foothills Park then returned up various tails to our start. It was a 6 mile hike with about 600 feet of climb. At home, I picked up Lou and Dawn and we went out to lunch at Coupa Cafe in Los Altos. Back home, I cleaned up and took a nap.

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