Friday, March 6, 2020

Ed Levin Park Hike

Friday: (03/06) Granola and a banana for breakfast. I emptied the car of all the stuff from Dawn’s apartment. I had cleared space in the closet. I was then off to San Jose to pick up the hula hoe from the apartment. I had brought it down to help with some cleanup and, of course, Lou and Dawn decided to cleanup the garden space. I continued on to Ed Levin Park for my Friday hike. Adrienne, the hike leader took us up the side of the mountain and back down on what can only barely be called trails. Very steep. Lots of cows and calves along the trail. Only a 7 mile hike with a 1700' climb. Lots of flowers and birds as well on a nice day with great views of the South bay. I had a chili size for lunch. Lou made chicken chorizo burgers for dinner.




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