Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mower Still Works

Tuesday: (03//31) I had to do something I haven't done in 15 years. I had to get the lawn mower out of the garden shed and mow the lawn. When I retired, Lou treated me to hiring a gardener to do the lawns. Due to the Covid-19 Shelter In Place Order our gardener needs to stay home. The lawn was about 4 inches high and really needed cutting. After that I needed to relax. I’m still not feeling well, not sick, just bad. Granola and banana for breakfast. Leftover creamed tuna and toast. Dawn made beet and bean burgers with new potatoes for dinner. 

Wednesday: (04/01) We awoke and planned to have soft boiled eggs for breakfast. We keep reserves in the RV. Dawn went out and couldn’t get in the RV. Change of plans, granola for breakfast. Last night When I closed the door on the RV I had difficulty locking it. I thought it wasn't fully closed So I tried to open it and shut it again. It wouldn’t open but I was able to lock the deadbolt, so I left it for the next day. April Fools!. So after breakfast I went out and tried to jiggle, rattle, threaten, and etc and couldn't get it open. Soon Ernie and Lou were out as well with all sorts of ideas. I considered what I wanted to break to try to get in. If we hadn’t placed dowels in all the sliding windows forcing one of them and replacing the latch later would have worked. I’m not sure we would have had better luck from the inside though. I thought the problem was that the latch had disconnected from the handle. Most of my tools both the RV set and my home pouch, were inside the RV. I decided to get my hole saw out and saw through the door latch and handle to expose the innards and try to open the latch slide. That worked and now I just have to try to locate an exact replacement for the old assembly. I’ll be sleeping in the RV for a while now. More comfortable anyway. I was finishing getting the door open as my webinar began. I attended it before relaxing more. I still don’t feel well. Hopefully my kidney stone passes soon. PBJ toast for lunch. I worked a little on the garden tilling off the top and raking out the pieces of lawn. We had tuna and noodles for dinner. Lou joined me for the night in the RV for guard duty.


Thursday: (04/02) Nice sunny day but cooler. I started with a neighborhood walk. I moved more dirt and removed more roots from the garden space. Lou made waffles for breakfast. We had leftover enchilada casserole for lunch. Lou made butternut squash with fish and broccoli salad for dinner. 

Friday: (04/03) Leftovers for breakfast. Lou and I went to the Grocery Outlet for a few things. I received and installed the new RV entry door latch. It fits perfectly. I prepared breakfast of home fried potatoes and eggs. And I moved more dirt from the new garden space to the front yard pile. We expect rain for about 4 days starting tomorrow so I tried to get the garden to a good spot. I rototilled and added compost and manure to part of the original dirt and leveled it all off. It doesn't look like I did anything. I still have about a 3x8’ strip to do the same reconditioning. My dirt pile in the front yard will be strained when I add the dirt from that strip and the walkway area. Dawn and Lou made bean and beet filled peppers with baked potatoes for dinner. Dawn also made almond chia seed bread.

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