Saturday, March 21, 2020

Begin Shelter In Place

Saturday: (03/21) I took a walk around the neighborhood in the morning and afternoon. I also laid out the border for the new garden area. Pancakes for breakfast. Hummus toast and cottage cheese with broccoli salad for lunch. Leftover Tuscan soup and toast for dinner.

Sunday: (03/22) Lou and I were off at 0740 to Mountain View Garden Center where I bought two buckets of drain rock. Then we went to Ace Hardware and I bought more potting soil, manure and some pipe and fittings. The pipe is to extend our gray water discharge to the rear of the yard and out of the garden space and across it’s walkway border. I bounced among projects. I painted the cut line on the lawn and removed the strings. I cleared around the dirt pile in the front yard and installed some boards to retain the baserock and dirt. That took a while. I also installed the wire rings on Dawn tomato plants. It was threatening rain by the time I finished those tasks about 1500. I had leftover pancakes for breakfast. We had leftover broccoli salad for lunch. Lou and Dawn made spaghetti with mushroom sauce for dinner with a chaser of popcorn. Heavy rain this afternoon and evening.

Monday: (03/23) It was clear this morning but the yard was wet from yesterday's rain. Good enough reason not to work in the yard. I tinkered in the RV all day. I did try out a TV signal from our house antenna to see if it actually worked on the TV’s in the RV. It seemed to. I also installed the new amplifier and it seemed to work much better than the existing one. I still have to replace the RV amplifier or add an antenna switch to select between the external and roof antenna. That part of the existing amplifier doesn’t work and the second TV output doesn't work either. I do think the cables are OK. It’s so hard to get this thing to work and know precisely what is bad. I made pancakes for breakfast. Dawn made meatless chili for lunch. Leftover enchiladas casserole for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/24) I worked in the yard between rain sprinkles. I dug and exposed the sprinkler and gray water pipes that interfere with the new garden. Leftover pancakes for breakfast. Dawn’s chili for lunch. Dawn made German red cabbage and hamburgers for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/25) Granola for breakfast. I attended my Wednesday webinar in the morning. Lou and I headed off to the Grocery Outlet Market for a few things. Since it rained a lot last night the ground was wet and my dirt was muddy so no work today. I tinkered in my man cave (the RV) much of the day. L did order lunch from our favorite restaurant, A Good Morning, and drove down to pick it up. We are allowed take-out only during the Shelter In Place period. Lou and Dawn made vegetable soup for dinner.

Thursday: (03/26) We started with a walk to Boll park to see the donkeys. Unfortunately they were not on duty. We couldn’t see them in their pen. I spent some of the day digging in the backyard exposing the pipes to relocate in the new garden. It turns out most are not needed after the remodel. Granola and a banana for breakfast. Leftover spaghetti and some of Dawn’s eggplant casserole for lunch. Leftover chili for dinner.

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