Friday, March 27, 2020

New Garden Area

Friday: (03/27) I finished relocating the pipes in the active new garden area. I still need to relocate one out of the other half of the new garden. I had to dig a 10 foot trench to connect the drip sprinklers and I abandoned the electrical line. Then I used the rototiller to shave off the area under a new walkway to use as fill for the trench I dug. The dugout dirt was heavy clay and went to the dump pile. Granola and banana for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Beet greens with rice and fish for dinner.

Saturday: (03/28) Rainy day activity so in reality no activity. Just some TV bingeing. Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou made creamed tuna on toast for lunch. We ordered Mexican dinners from Los Altos Taqueria via DoorDash. First use of DoorDash.

Sunday: (03/29) A relaxing Sunday, mostly indoors. I did get out and try to install a new antenna on the RV between rain showers. I also tried to setup my new sprinkler timers but didn’t complete anything. Nothing seems easy. Granola and banana for breakfast. We ordered in again for Lunch. DoorDash delivers lunch from Coupa Cafe. Butternut squash soup for dinner.

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