Monday, March 16, 2020

Sheltering In Place For Covid-19

Monday: (03/16) Lou and I were off early to do some grocery shopping. We went to Smart and Final at 0600 but they were closed and a piece of paper with their new hours which started at 0800. We returned home and had breakfast then returned to Smart and Final with a stop for gas on the way. The line at the door was about 50 people so we left and stopped at Grocery Outlet and got most of the items on our list. It was another rainy day most of the day. Later in the afternoon I went outside and repaired our Waterpik which had the wand shutoff valve stuck off. Quite a trick to disassemble and reassemble it but it works now. I did have an extra screw but i guess it wasn’t needed because it works better than new. I just had to oil the o rings. After that I got the rototiller out and mixed the compost and dirt in the new garden. Fortunately the compost soil wasn’t bad but the old clay soil underneath was a bit sticky. Granola for breakfast. Refried beans and chips for lunch. Tuna gravy and toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/17) Today is St Patrick’s Day as well as the first day of our Shelter In Place Order due to the CoronaVirus. We all did get out for a walk around the neighborhood then Lou and I returned home. Dawn continued on downtown. I then tried to catch up to Dawn but there was confusion as to where we were going and where to meet. I ended up with a nice walk around the Stanford Campus. Dawn did downtown and University Avenue. The morning was sunny, the afternoon windy, overcast and cold. Granola for breakfast. Chicago Pizza for lunch. The mandatory corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots for dinner.
Our SIP pantry annex.

Wednesday: (03/18) I attended my Wednesday webinar. Mostly wasted the day. It was sprinkling outside occasionally. I did assist Dawn baking flat bread and doing the laundry, only a little. I have posted blog posts for days since Dec 27th. I still need to add the photos.. When I get behind I get way behind. Breakfast and lunch were leftover pizza. Dawn made soda bread disks and topped them with salmon and cheese for lunch. Leftover corned beef and vegetables for dinner.

Thursday: (03/19) Both myself and Lou had calls from our doctors in the morning. For me, it’s my last followup call from the cardiac department. I graduated. I drove down to the house in San Jose. I delivered 4 block bricks, my grinder, and the previously lost vacuum hose. I picked up all the food in the refrigerator and my $K Roku TV that I use as my laptop monitor. PBJ toast and leftovers for breakfast. Dawn made pizza on the soda bread disks she made yesterday.

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