Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Front Yard Garden prep

Wednesday: (07/28) Morning tea in the yard and some gardening before breakfast. Soft boiled eggs with bologna for breakfast. It was a little hot today so I didn't work on the front yard garden, I relaxed inside in the morning. Squash and sausage for lunch. Tomato soup and toast for dinner. I installed the new battery monitor in Dawn’s trike. Now I need to calibrate it. When I test drove it it worked fine for a while then went blank for SOC, voltage and current OK. Probably the low battery value I set. For it to be accurate I need to discharge it and charge it a set low and full charge values. I also spent some time inspecting the construction project down the street.

Thursday: (07/29) Granola with banana for breakfast. I got out early to beat some heat. It was forecast to be 86 degrees today. I turned the remainder of the new front yard garden and removed a lot of clay clods and took a load to the dump. I stopped for lunch from Super Taqueria on the way home. Back home it was time for a shower the time to relax. I picked up dinner from Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City for dinner.

Friday: (07/30) Granola with banana for breakfast. I hauled a load of dirt clods to the dump then returned home and filled the buckets again and made a second trip to the dump. Bologna and cheese sliders for lunch. Lou’s green ham and tomato salad for dinner.

Saturday: (07/31) I prepared ham and eggs with home fried potatoes for breakfast. After morning tea in the garden and breakfast, I got to work in the from garden. I screened 18 buckets of clay clods and hauled them to the dump. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Dawn’s soup for dinner.

Sunday: (08/01) Ham and eggs with leftover home fried potatoes. I took Dawn’s trike out for a spine to kill the battery. I cruised the old Fry’s Electronics parking lot until I knew it like family. I relaxed the rest of the day. A chili size for dinner.

Monday: (08/02) Lou made a Denver omelet for breakfast. We all headed out for the day. I drove and Lou and Dawn looked around a bunch of thrift stores. Later Lou had an appointment and Dan explored a bookstore. We had lunch at Marie Calender's. Dan made zucchini soup for dinner. I took Dawn’s trike on a long ride downtown and to the Stanford Cactus Garden then around the neighborhood until the battery was depleted. The State Of Charge Meter worked well.

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