Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Friday: (05/25) Not much done today. I setup our replacement printer and tested some of it's new features. I stayed inside most of the day working in the office. Apple strudel for breakfast. Dawn made banana craisin muffins for lunch. Lou served smoked salmon with rice and grilled zucchini for dinner.

Saturday: (05/26) Lou made coconut French toast and sausage for breakfast. I spent the morning digging out for the base rock for more walkway. A little after noon we went out on errands. Tap Plastics for a new window for Dawn's gardening clock, the pet store for a muzzle for Wolfie, Walmart's to pick up our delivery of our new bedroom TV. We stopped at the LUU Noodle House and had Pad Thai for lunch. I also had an avocado smoothie. i installed the new TV and tested it's operation. It includes a DVD player which we used to watch the movie Gran Torino. Lou mad roast beef for dinner. She puts it in an oven bag with a half bottle of Italian dressing and cooks it all day in the oven. So nice. It was served with baked potatoes and a green salad.

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