Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sand Bagging It

Thursday: (05/10) Apple strudel for breakfast. I started with a trip to Home Depot for some sand. Chili sizes for lunch. In the afternoon I placed the first row of pavers, all of 10 pavers. Maybe tomorrow will be more impressive when I lay the rest of the area behind the edge I placed today. I fixed corned beef hash for dinner. Not just because I like it but mostly because it was my turn to cook and I didn't have much imagination. I like it in many forms. Mine is a real hash, pulverized corned beef, from a can, well cooked potatoes with onions and green peppers al dente and barely cooked garlic. My hash last night from the Crepevine was about a half pound of corned beef with some green and red peppers and onions topped with a couple of eggs and a little cheese, different.

Friday: (05/11) Dawn baked banana craisen muffins and bacon for breakfast. Chili size for lunch. Enchiladas for dinner. I tinkered inside until my work area was shady, about 2pm, then started laying pavers. I stopped at 5pm to shower and eat dinner. Dawn and I went to San Jose after dinner to the Kaucher Mitchell Event For Excellence In Oral Interpretation And Storytelling at San Jose State university. Always an interesting evening.

Previous entries about Kaucher Mitchell Event: Dec 2011, May 2011.

Finished Portion OF Walkway
Saturday: (05/12) I laid the last few pavers and finished the first section of the walkway today. Otherwise relaxed around the house. Lou and Dawn were busy visiting estate sales. They found a new mattress to replace our bed. It will be delivered Monday. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Grilled hot dog and cheese sandwich for lunch. Corned beef and cabbage with potatoes for dinner.

Sunday: (05/13) Mother's Day. I fixed strawberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast. We went to LUU Noodle House for lunch, having our usual combination chow fun and some egg rolls. Dinner was chicken Alfredo with corn on the cob. We enjoyed the day at home except for the trip for lunch and a visit to an open house a couple of doors down the street. I tried to get our injet printer to work. its black jet is evidently plugged and won't clean up so I ordered a new printer from Amazon. Supposedly cheaper than local. It also does a few new things like prints duplex (two sided and prints DVD's. The only problem with ordering online is the wait for the truck to arrive in about a week. I finally applied to Social Security today as well.

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