Monday, May 14, 2012

Our New Bed Arrives

 Monday: (05/14) The first thing on the agenda today was to meet the truck. Lou arranged for our new bed to arrive this morning. It is a king bed with a dual control electric blanket. It included the box springs and frame and headboard as well. A pretty good deal for what looks like a new mattress all for $40. We removed our 38 year old waterbed, which is actually in good condition,  and modified the base to mount the new mattress on. The old base includes storage which the new frame and box springs wouldn't provide. It now looks about the same but doesn't slosh any more and is a little easier to get out of.  It also is very similar to the mattress in the RV where we always sleep better. We took advantage of the change to rearrange the bedroom as well. I hope I don't get lost tonight. We went out to breakfast at the Old Pancake House in Los Altos and had apple pancakes, a real treat. Lunch was leftover noodle soup. Dinner was Kentucky Fried Chicken. We had the Monday special chicken and corn, dinner for three for $11.

Tuesday: (05/15) Lou had a doctors appointment today When she returned home we went to Costco to pickup a few things and look for a new TV for the bedroom. The TV has to move to a new wall and might as well be upgraded from the old tube type. We  had breakfast there as well, chicken bake for me and polish dog for Lou. We also stopped by Best Buy, Target , and Walmart to look at TV's. None of them had what we wanted, a combo TV with DVD player. While at Walmart, we had lunch, hot fudge sundaes. I then checked online and found what we wanted at Walmart Online, a 32" LED TV with a DVD for $239. We can pick it up at the store in a week or so. For dinner we had artichokes grown by our neighbor with Spinach Alfredo lasagna that Lou made.

Wednesday: (05/16) I spent the day working in the yard. Mostly I cleared the grass off the area I'll be digging out next for the walkway. Lou was busy enjoying her day off. In the afternoon, Lou and Dawn went to Gunn High School to see a bunch of one act plays.  I popped some popcorn for breakfast. Dawn made quesodillas for lunch. we had leftover lasagna with broccoli for dinner.

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