Friday, May 18, 2012

Pismo Beach Camping Trip Attempt

Breakfast At Rudy And Angie’s Mexican Restaurant in Grover Beach
Friday: (05/18) I was up and on the road a little after 7am. I stopped at Rudy And Angie's Mexican Restaurant in Grover Beach for breakfast. Huevos Divorcia? Two tortillas with eggs one with rancheria sauce the other with chili verde served with hashbrowns (choice of rice and beans or home fried potatoes as well) and warm tortillas (or toast). Very good. Part of the reason I stopped for breakfast here, besides being hungry and deciding on Mexican food, was the RV World shop in the same center. I needed to replace the broken door latch on the RV. The door can't be latched open without it.

I then stopped by the Pismo Beach North Campground to see if there was a space. Nope, it was full. We don't reserve and this is the penalty occasionally. At Oceana Campground they had full hookup spaces but they ar like camping in a parking lot for $50/night. no thanks!.

Campsite At El Churro Regional Park Trail To SLO Arboretum
I then drove back up to the El Churro Regional Park campground between San Luis Obispo (SLO) and Morro bay. Lots of room. It's a warmer place but it also is by the SLO Arboretum. Full hookup is 33/night here. Much better but here we won't get Lou's State discount so it's actually more. Maybe next week we'll get in at Pismo Beach. Above left our campsite is at the back end with nice views and more privacy. On the right above is the trail down to the arboretum.

Ramen noodles for lunch. I cleaned up the RV some. It's been sitting a while and seems to become a mess when we aren't living in it. Leaves had collected in the vents, dust settled on everything, and the floor needed vacuuming. I also installed the new door latch.

Flowers At SLO Arboretum Flowers At SLO Arboretum
My day was completed with a nap and then  walk through the arboretum.

Flowers At SLO Arboretum Flowers At SLO Arboretum
  InterestingMediterranean plants give me ideas for our own yard.

Turkeys At El Churro Regional Park
Lots of wild turkeys rambling through the bushes near our camp.

Lou and Dawn arrived about 1840. We had smoked pork chops with brown rice and coleslaw for dinner.
(GPS: 35.3336443, -120.72987153)

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