Sunday, October 12, 2014

Code Camp 2014

Saturday: (10/11) I'm busy all this weekend at the the Silicon Valley Code Camp. It is a free get together of programmers each year at Foothill College in Los Altos, California. There are about 4500 attendees including a kids program. The speakers are leaders in the computer programming areas. I attend for brain exercise and always find the talks I attend interesting. I attended seminars on advanced map displays, bringing web contact to the big screen, proximity API for Windows phones, and building apps with office 365, Windows phone sensors and near field communications. A very interesting part of the event is that it is all free. What a community. I enjoyed a breakfast burrito from A Good Morning on the way to the event. I did avoid the several block long line for the free lunch of pizza or sandwiches. It was warm out and i decided to just drive down to the local Safeway for some soup and a sandwich. It took about the same time and was less tiring but didn't have the typical in line conversation. Leftover corn chip casserole for dinner.

Sunday: (10/12) More time at camp today. Lou fixed a nice breakfast and I was off to more seminars at Foothill College. Today there were only four sessions. I attended three and decided to skip the last one. The seminars I attended were about Search Engine Optimization for blogs, UI/UX design principles, and how to win a hackathon. I did enjoy the free pizza lunch. I was home early enough to do a little work. I brought a lot of dirt and concrete rubble with me Thursday. I found places to dump them. The dirt will become another raised bed in the back yard, eventually. Right now it's a pile of dirt. The concrete will eventually go out through the garbage barrel, a little at a time. Dawn made a nice minestrone soup for dinner.


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