Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's Start With Rain?

Monday: (10/20) Leftover peach blintzes for breakfast. lou was off to the market. Our weekend shopping didn't occur because we were too busy Saturday. I completed collecting things for my work in San Jose and on my way about 0830. I stopped at Home Depot for some bags of concrete and at Payless Rockery for some more base rock before getting to the San Jose house. Just unloading was a major task. After an early ham and cheese sandwich lunch I got to work. I poured the concrete for the patches in the sidewalk where i trenched for the drain lines. It was sprinkling slightly at 1330 when I was ready to pour so I checked the weather report on Google. It said there was a chance of rain at 1400 but just clouds at 1700. This mornings TV forecasts didn't show any rain for San Jose with the storm passing further North. Well, It didn't. We got a pretty good sprinkling, enough that I had to cover my concrete so it would dry. My afternoon was spend waiting for the concrete to dry and doing the finishing. Easy enough. An early dinner of leftover french onion soup and cheese toast. I did a little grocery shopping after dinner. I've noticed the Jeep growling when I turn the wheel. I finally checked the power steering fluid and it was empty. There was lots of fluid, but it wasn't in the reservoir. It was all over in the engine compartment. I stopped ant the only nearby place, Walgreen's and got some fluid and added some to quit things down.

Tuesday: (10/21) Leftover corned beef hash and pancakes for breakfast. I stripped the forms from the sidewalk patches. I then broke out the driveway by the gate and started digging the trench. I filled all my buckets so I quit about 1530. With the Jeep loaded, I headed back up to Palo Alto. Normally I only make one trip a week but today there were three reasons to go midweek. Full buckets, the Jeep needing repairs, and I have a TSA meeting tomorrow morning in Cupertino. We checked with our mechanic and he'll check the Jeep tomorrow morning. I emptied my buckets. All the good dirt will be used in raised planters in our back yard. The concrete goes into a collecting pile and will go out in the garbage a little at a time or into a dumpster when I get enough.Dinner was leftovers. Enchiladas for Lou and chili beans for me.

Wednesday: (10/22) We started by delivering the Jeep to A1 Auto for get the power steering leak repaired. The we all had breakfast at A good Morning. Then I dropped Lou and Dawn off at the house and loaded my bucket collection into the little car and headed off to Cupertino Public Works yard for a Traffic Signal Association meeting. Nothing special, just demoed some LED signal lams and assemblies and a radar speed sign but the real reason to go is to see people i used to work with. After the meeting I returned to San Jose. Fortunately, the tenant had moved their non working car and I was able to saw the rest of the driveway, break out more of the concrete and dig the trench a bit deeper. Not a really productive day but tomorrow looks promising. For lunch I had my usual ham and cheese sandwich. Sausage, corn and tater tots for dinner. Lou and Dawn picked up the Jeep and brought it down to San Jose and swapped with the little car so now I can haul more debris home. I've evidently been a bad boy. The Jeep was 3 quarts low on oil and needed brake fluid as well. I haven't been checking things. On the way to the shop, I had checked the mileage since the last oil change and noted it needed an oil change being 6500 miles since the last one. I planned on having it done this weekend. Now, with half the oil new, should I wait? I think "Mac" in my middle name is showing?

Thursday: (10/23) I installed some more drain line and filled some trench then secured the open part of the trench with plywood covers. I then loaded up the Jeep with  more broken concrete and dirt for disposal. Rain was forecast for this weekend. I didn't head home until late and stopped on the way for dim sum as dinner.

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