Monday, October 13, 2014

Great Pumpkin Time

Monday: (10/13) Oatmeal for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to Half Moon Bay for the giant pumpkin weigh in. Today's winner was 2058 pounds. While she was there her scooter fell apart. She collected the parts and it will need to be put together when I get home. On the way to San Jose I stopped at the rockery for some more base rock.  I also stopped by home depot and got some lids for my buckets. Rain is forecast for this Friday so any buckets left outside could use lids. I broke out another section ov concrete for the drain pipe and dug another 15 feet of trench. I had to dodge sprinkler pipes, one of which ran parallel to the sidewalk edge with barely enough room for my trench shovel to fit. Lunch was dim sum. Dinner pizza at House of pizza. I managed to leave Palo Alto without my groceries. I transported bread, lunch meat, milk etc back and forth but forgot them this time. So, I stopped at the market on the way home from dinner.

Tuesday: (10/14) Granola and sausage for breakfast. I've tried oatmeal and granola for breakfast and neither lasts so I added some protein like I did on the trail. I went to the hardware store and bought some PVC pipe and fittings to move some sprinkler pipes that need to go over the drain line I'm installing. Dumb me, i bought 1/2" instead of 3/4" so had to return to the store a second time. By then it was lunch time so i met Lou and Dawn at Super Taqueria. After lunch I finally got to work. I dug more trench, which is always fun, and installed another twenty feet of line turning the corner of the house. All back-filled as well. Dinner was leftover pizza. A small pizza goes a long way.

Wednesday: (10/15) Busy digging more trench, installing drain line, and backfilling the trench. Eggs, hash browns and sausage for breakfast. Pizza for lunch, Ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. After dinner I visited Orchard Hardware's (OSH) new original location store for some more drain pipe fittings. One of the good things about OSH has always been that they load the big and heavy items for you. They now don't do it at their new store. Don't even have a customer pickup area. Interesting effect Lowe's has had on them since they recently purchased the chain.

Thursday: (10/16) I tidied up the back yard finished the back filling, sprinkler pipe repairs, relandscaping the flower beds, and disposing of all the excess dirt and concrete rubble, When i got home i unloaded the dirt and rubble. Lou and I then went out shopping for some geo fabric and potting soil.  Breakfast at La Victoria. Lunch at Dim Sum King. Lou's home made Swedish meatballs for dinner.



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