Friday, October 17, 2014

Lots Of Space and a Moth

Friday: (10/17) I met my hiking group at the Russian Ridge Open Space and led a loop hike around the top of the mountains through Russian Ridge, Coal Creek, Monte Bello Ridge and Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserves. The hike was 7.7 miles long with nice weather, overcast for shade and a light breeze to keep us cool. 21 fellow hikers and not one was lost along the way. This is one of my favorite hikes because it doesn't change too much in elevation but does go up and down several times making the overall route a good workout. It passes through grass land, oak forests, past lakes and by streams though the stream was dry this time and one lake (pond) was almost dry. I was back down the mountain by 1430. Breakfast was my usual hikers start, Jack In The Boxes Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. Chili for lunch. Lou's soup for dinner. After dinner we went over to Stanford University Dinkelspiel Auditorium and attended An Evening Of Storytelling With The Moth

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