Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Hate Traffic

Saturday: (10/18) Lou made corned beef hash for breakfast then we were off to NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View to attend their open house. Traffic was a mess I dropped Lou  And Dawn off at the main gate and then had to head off  miles away to another gate where there was supposedly some parking. I just turned on to the Freeway and then immediately was stopped in traffic on the ramp. About 40 minutes later I finally escaped the queue onto the middle lane of the freeway passed the stopped right lane and decided I wouldn't be going to the event. Fortunately the tickets were free. I did stop at the Light Rail Station and considered riding it to the base but my back was bothering me so i just did a little shopping instead. I stopped at REI and they were having returned goods sale. I didn't find anything I needed, in my size or in good enough condition so I just looked around. I had lunch at Sprout's Market then returned home. I tinkered on the computer watching training videos. When Lou called, I returned and picked them up. Leftover Lou soup for dinner.

Sunday: (10/19) Tea in the yard to start the day. Lou and Dawn made peach blintzes for breakfast. I spent some time tinkering in the shop. Lou's scooter needed some attention. It fell apart last week when she crossed a bumpy bridge in Half Moon Bay. She collected the parts and brought it home. I looked at it today. The coupler that connects the rear chair and wheals to the motor and handlebar section fell apart. I tried to assemble it but couldn't get enough threads to engage for it to stay together. I ended up leaving out the lower bearing and then it fit together and she can use it without much harm. Now I'll see if I can find a thinner bearing or find a Teflon washer to replace it. I also disassembled the leftover drawers from the chest of drawers I shrunk a couple of weeks ago. It's good hardwood for a future project. Lou made some wonderful French onion soup with cheese bread for lunch. Dinner was cheese and crackers.

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