Friday, October 24, 2014

Foothills Park, Los Trancos Trail

Friday: (10/24) I was up early and unloaded the Jeep then cleaned it of for carpooling. Then after morning tea in the yard, i was off to breakfast at Jack In The Box before going to my hike meeting location. This hike is special because in in the Palo Alto city residents only Foothills Park. I'm allowed to bring up to 14 guests in up to three cars for the hike. Fortunately there is another Palo Alto resident in our group which allowed us to bring in  total of 24 on the hike. After that quantity, permits are needed. We did the 6.5 mile hike  finishing by 1330 on a nice day. The Los Trancos trail gave us a good workout climbing 1500 feet. Wieners and beans for lunch. In the afternoon, I dumped my buckets and collected some things for San Jose. Dawn made a wonderful pot roast for dinner. After dinner, I collected my things and headed back down to San Jose. I'll be busy there on Saturday and Sunday at a hackathon programming event.

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