Monday, September 21, 2015

A Couple Of Unusual Events

Monday: (09/21) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Pizza for lunch. Cottage cheese and fruit for dinner. When Lou and Dawn came home from a shopping run they said that El Camino Real road was closed causing a big traffic jam with cars coming off the highway into the neighborhood.

RV Fire 0922151120b Tree Burnt By The RV Fire 0922151121
We all walked down a block to see a class C motorhome burned out and the fire department spraying it and an adjacent palm tree with foam. The business next to the tree didn’t seem to be involved. The entire roadway was closed because the RV was next to a fire hydrant so it wasn’t used and they had to string a hose across the highway. There were two pumpers and an aerial ladder truck “working” on the fire and about six police cars. Only three people involved in extinguishing the fire. The remaining 10 or more people were standing around doing nothing most of the time. After about 40 minutes the hose across the street was removed and eventually one direction of the road was opened. The only reason a lane or two weren’t opened on the other direction was that one pumper blocked three lanes and the aerial ladder truck blocked the middle lane but wasn’t needed anymore anyway. After more than another hour, the opposite roadway was finally opened. This always bothers me because if the incident manager would simply properly use his people and equipment, the impact to the neighborhood could be greatly minimized. They never seem to look around to  see their impact. This is one of my pet peeves.
Tuesday: (09/22) I fixed ham eggs and potatoes for breakfast while Lou and Dawn were off to their exercise class. Then they were off to San Jose for and appointment. I worked at the computer much of the day. When lunch time appeared, I fixed a ham sandwich, Late afternoon we all walked over to look at the burned out RV that, for some inexplicable reason, was still where it burned. Before we got there, red lights and sirens approached just beyond it. We walked on to see what was going on. There were four police cars with on guy up against a car. Then a firetruck came and finally and ambulance. Turns out the guy was stabbed. The police didn’t seem to be looking for anyone and didn’t have anyone in custody. Rather odd. All this activity again closed part of the El Camino real roadway. What’s happening to our formerly peaceful neighborhood. Lou made hamburgers for dinner.
Wednesday: (09/23) I took a walk down to San Antonio Avenue. I had heard there was a train incident there. I didn’t get away until about 30 minutes after I heard the report. When I crossed the tracks at meadow Avenue, there was a train down near San Antonio about a mile and a half South and three trains stopped up track. Just before I got to San Antonio Avenue, the first of the three trains that had been waiting up track passed by. Evidently the stopped train had finally cleared the track and I just couldn’t see it because of trees by the track. In 15 minutes three more trains passed by riding each others tails down to San Jose. Those poor passengers were not allowed to depart the trains and were well over an hour late. I learned later a passenger was standing too close to the track and the train insisted on the right of way. Since I was in the area, I stopped by the big dig at San Antonio Mall where they are digging a really deep hole for a parking garage as part of a new hotel, movie complex and shopping area. The hole looks to be over 80 feet deep at present. After I’d had enough fun, I walked back home. The burnt out RV was still parked where it had burnt on Monday. Later that afternoon it was finally gone. Ham and eggs with potatoes for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn’s pot roast and fixings for dinner.
Thursday: (09/24)  I installed the replacement AC shroud on the RV’s air conditioner. It got a little warm before I finished the job which should have taken about 30 minutes. I had lots of trouble riveting the shroud together and needed a trip to the hardware store for more rivets. I had considered going to San Francisco for a walk-about but decided to just take it easy at home. Lou and Dawn did go to San Francisco for a meeting and to see a museum. Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian restaurant. A burrito from El Gruelense Restaurant down the street for dinner.
Friday: (09/25) We did our weekly shopping trip a day early because were all gone tomorrow. I was busy in the office all day. Breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant with Cecelia. Leftover pot roast vegetables for lunch. Pork chops with rice and asparagus for dinner.

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