Friday, September 18, 2015

Enjoying The Hot Beach Weather?

Friday: (09/18) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We all took turns riding Dawn’s scooter. I took an extended scoot around the neighborhood and out to the beach. I spent almost all day at home relaxing while Lou and Dawn were busy shopping. We did all go out for lunch of clam chowder at Pismo Fish and Chips restaurant. That was my only outing

Pismo Beach  0919151000 Selfie of Don, Lou and Dawn On Pismo Beach 0919151029
Saturday: (09/19) Oatmeal for breakfast before a walk on the beach. We all walked along the surf past the Pismo Beach Pier to the end of the beach then back to the pier. I continued on to get the Jeep and pickup my fellow weary walkers. We stopped for lunch at the usual Pismo Fiah and Chips before heading back to the park. Lou and Dawn were off again to check out more places that htey missed or wanted to return to. I relaxed at camp for a while and eventually took a ride on Dawn’s Zappy scooter. I went by the RV part s store to get a shower hose holder and check on a replacement AC shroud. They have some shrouds in stock so I’ll return with the RV and a tape measure to get that. I did get the hose bracket. I then took the back roads back to camp. The battery was almost dead. Evidently it didn’t charge yesterday. It indicated full when I started out on this trip when not moving and half full when moving. Obviously the moving reading is the accurate reading. I pushed it up to the top of an overpass and it got me back to the RV. For dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant I say a couple of days ago. I stopped by for a smell and to check the menu then. The Garden Moon Restaurant was pretty good but not a destination restaurant.
Sunday: (09/20) Lou prepared leftover apricot blintzes for breakfast. We then prepared to leave and pulled out of the campground about 1100. First stop was the gas station. Second stop was the RV World RV Parts Store. I bought a new air conditioner shroud. The existing cover is about to disintegrate. i also bought a new shower valve. All related work to be done later. We headed out and stopped in Paso Robles at the thrift and antique stores. It was a hot day so we ran the house AC all the way home. Our late lunch/dinner stop was in Greenfield at the Rancho San Miguel Market. We were all settled in at home at 2010.

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