Monday, September 14, 2015

MM1632 To MM1653, Seiad Valley

Friday: (08/14) Up at 0600, on trail 0715. A race to town today, mostly downhill. About 1/3 steep down, 1/3 along the river and 1/3 on roads.
PCT Etna To Seiad Valley
A bypass on logs and rocks for a missing bridge.
PCT Etna To Seiad Valley PCT Etna To Seiad Valley 0814151125a
A collapsed bridge and it’s better bypass on a couple of 2×4 boards.
PCT Etna To Seiad Valley PCT Etna To Seiad Valley 0814150813a
The las of three bridges was unharmed by th fire last year. But most of the trees were not so lucky as seen on right above.
This is the only place where the road is the trail. 21+ miles today arriving in Seiad Valley at 1640. I was disappointed to learn that the cafe is only open 7am-2pm. The P.O. is only open until 1600 on Friday. Tomorrow it’s open 1200-1330. I’ll depart after I get my resupply box tomorrow. Toucan and Bonanza, Bill and Jennifer and ? Here tonight. Lots of folks started late in the afternoon to hike North. One couple from Latvia, Peter and Rita left near 9pm.
GPS:Lat 41.842343, Lon -123.195598

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