Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dipsea Trail / Steep Ravine Loop Hike

Saturday: (09/26) I decided to do a hike with a new Meetup group, the California Outdoors Adventures  Group. They announced a hike I’ve been wanting to do, the Dipsea Trail up by Muir Woods. It goes from Mill Valley up to the top of a mountain then down to Muir Woods then up another mountain and down to the beach. This hike cut off two miles and didn’t start at mill Valley but rather started at Muir Woods. That made tha hike only a 12 mile hike rather than a 16 mile hike. That sounded good to me. Another difference was that this hike was on a weekend day when the crowds are out at one of the most popular places in the area. For that reason it started early at 0830. I picked up breakfast at Jack In The Box and drove up. Traffic was light and I arrived an hour early at 0730. I didn’t know how traffic was going to be.
Dipsea Trail Map 0926150811a
The hike started out up Heart Attack Hill which almost lived up to it’s name.
Dipsea Trail 0926150922a Dipsea Trail 0926150952a
Above left is a view of San Francisco covered with a clouds. On the right is the trail nearing the beach.
Dipsea Trail overlooking Stinsen Beach 0926151029 Stinsen Beach Sirens Cafe 0926151118_HDR
We made it out to Stinson Beach and had lunch at the Sirens Canteen overlooking the beach from under a lifeguard tower. Pretty good grub. I had a Gabe’s Pork burrito. Fortunately th burritos aren’t too big so the hike back up the mountain wasn’t too bad.
Muir Woods Steep Ravine Trail 0926151216 Muir Woods 0926151235a
Our return was via the Steep Ravine Trail which was actually a little less steep than the Dipsea trail on the way out. I was the slowest hiker of the group but my fellow hikers waited at the trail junctions for me to catch all except once when i took an incorrect trail. i could have sworn the trail I took said it was the Bootjack trail but it wasn’t.  It was the TTC trail so I hiked an extra couple of miles for my hike. it was nice country though.  My hike was a little extra with my detour.  I hiked 14.4 miles in 6.33 hours with an elevation gain  of 1580 feet from beach and a 4803 foot overall climb. On the way home i stopped for dinner at Neil’s in Milbrea. I enjoyed a milkshake and a bowl of lentil soup. When i got home, it was nice to take a shower and relax. It’s always hard to walk after a long hike and a drive.
Lou and Dawn were out and about in San Francisco today.

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