Friday, September 4, 2015

Butano Ridge Loop Hike

Friday: (09/04) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian. I picked up Jessica and we headed up to Portola State Park for the hike. We met our fellow hikers there and headed out on the Pomponio Trail over to the Old Haul Road then onto the Butano Ridge Loop Trail.

Butano Ridge Viewpoint 0904151213 Butano Ridge Hike 0904151356a
We hiked out the spur trail to the viewpoint for a nice view out toward the ocean. It looks  lot like fall. The trees are loosing a lot of leaves early du to the drought. We returned to Portola SP on the Portola Trail. This was a 15 mile hike with 1590 feet elevation change, 4686 feet overall climb. We were only four hikers. The forest we hiked through was lovely and the weather perfect for a nice hike. Lunch was light, a tuna salad snack. FOr dinner I had a chili size. Lou and Dawn were out all day and returned late.

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