Friday, December 18, 2020

Bike Ride To Arastradero Preserve And A Walk

Friday: (12/18) Lou and I headed off to the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Santa Clara. It’s our ham store. We got a few other things as well leaving over $120 there. Back home Lou mode breakfast of beef noodles. I got my bike out. It’s been nearly a month since I took it out. It just hid in the shop since I repaired the flat tire. 

I rode up to the Arizona Cactus Garden on the Stanford Campus. The light on this bright day made it look really good. 

Some nice flowers on display. From there I rode up Sand Hill Rod into the hills then came back down and out Alpine Rod into Portola Valley.



I ended up at my destination of the Arastradero Preserve.

I parked the bike and took a walk to rest my but and get circulation back in my hand. It was only a 45 mile walk then back on the bike toward home. I stopped and said hi to the Bol Park Donkeys on my way. I was home sometime after 4pm. I had a beef pot pie for dinner. I received two more cameras from Amazon. These will be for the front yard view and an inside the house view. Now I have seven cameras.

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