Thursday, December 10, 2020

Foothills Park Hike

 Thursday: (12/10) PBJ toast for breakfast. I headed doff to a hike at Foothills Park. I hiked many of the fire road trails, I haven't hiked them before. Really nice views from the mountain ridges on the fire road. Nachos from Los Altos Taqueria for lunch. 

One of the benches along the trail.

Fire road and a street sign in the middle of nowhere.

Flowers and the fire road on the ridge.

Some nice views near the fire road.

The track for the hike nd some hike stats.

I joined Lou and Dawn and we visited Bol Park to see the newest donkey, Buddy. Buddy replaced Jenny who died recently. He gets along well with Perry. Buddy came from a ranch in Portola Valley. Tomato soup with toast for dinner.

Buddy and Perry (non left), donkeys at Bol Park

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