Friday, December 11, 2020

Security Cameras

 Friday: (12/11) Banana bread for breakfast. Occasional rain showers today. I started to do a few things outside but changed plans when the rain started. I did get one of the greenhouse patio drip lines relocated to the new position of the planters. I also added some tie down ropes to Lou’s tent. I should be wind safe now. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili for dinner.

Saturday: (12/12) Banana bread with cream cheese for breakfast. Another rainy day. Not much but a wet day. Nothing accomplished. I did setup the wireless security camera I got yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I can get it mounted somewhere in the yard.. Ham and cheese sandwich with an avocado for lunch. Salmon soup for dinner.
All the plants from the arbor and greenhouse patio awaiting relocation sometime in the future. 

A patio succulent planter. One of the new solar lights on the right.

The garden globe in its new home in the garden. It used to be on the sidewalk going to the greenhouse.

Sunday: (12/13) Lou made tacos for breakfast. Another rainy day. I installed the security camera in the backyard. Most of the effort was trying to get the WIFI to work for the camera. Still working on that. Crackers, cheese and beef log for lunch. Chili for dinner.

Monday: (12/14) Up early and off to Walmart early to get in just as they open to avoid the crowd. I had to return three pairs of jeans I ordered online. I tried to avoid a store visit. Unfortunately, even though I ordered the same size as I’m wearing and all my other pairs, these were at least 2-3 sizes too small, all of them. So after returning I bought one pair of a different brand one size bigger. Back home I tied them on and the fit was only slightly too big, which I seem to be moving toward. We also did some grocery shopping there and at Safeway and Sprout’s. We bought a nice breakfast at Good Morning Cafe on our way home. We had some chili beans Lou whipped up. I mounted my Outdoor WIFI access point on the TV antenna mast. Hopefully that will improve the signal available on the outdoor cameras and the RV.

Tuesday: (12/15) Cloudy day but little rain. I made a shopping run. First to Walmart to get a second pair of jeans of the now tested jeans. The dressing rooms are closed at stores so the only place to try things on is at home. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Guacamole and chips for lunch. Soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (12/16) A nice sunny day. Relaxing morning. I had my usual morning webinar. I tinkered with the WIFI and security cameras testing the solar panel to charge two cameras. I also installed the cable to the outdoor WIFI repeater. I also filled the compost dumpsters by cleaning out behind the playhouse cottage and the tent. Chili beans for breakfast. Lou picked up some dim sum for my lunch. Lou made nice green salads for dinner. 
Three of the new security cameras.

Lou nd Dawn erected a Christmas tree in the front orchard.

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