Monday, February 20, 2006

Bisbee, Arizona

We moved to Kartchner Caverns SP in Benson Az. We have reservations for a cave tour tomorrow morning.
Bisbee Az Bisbee Az
After settling in we drove down to Bisbee to look around. Old Town Bisbee is very nice. Probably the best condition old west town we've seen. The usual antique stores but there are a lot of stores showing locally produced art as well.
Bisbee Az Firehouse 1 Bisbee Az firehouse 2
One of the reasons to travel is to try to find the ideal place to settle down away from the big cities and likely away from California. Bisbee looks nice. We found two potential new houses. They include nice RV garages. They're old fire houses. Hmmm.
Bisbee Az Copper Mine Pit Bisbee Az mouse on cat on dog
There is an open pit copper mine, now closed, right in the middle of Bisbee.
Now the picture on the right shows something you don't see often. A mouse riding on the back of a cat riding on the back of a dog. They seem to get along well!

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