Friday, February 24, 2006

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, NM

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site NM, Alien? Three Rivers Petroglyph Site NM
Three Rivers Petroglyph Site NM Sheep With Two Arrows Three Rivers Petroglyph Site NM Big Horn Sheep
We stopped at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site.
There are many petroglyphs and some are very detailed unlike most we've seen. The top left image looks a little like a space alien. We are near Roswell? The top right looks a little like a smurf? Note the bottom right image even has the fur coat and has curved legs indicating a running animal.
Lou thinks she has the meaning figured out. They're like a note on the refrigerator, a shopping list, a note to hubby, "pick up a sheep on the way home". Could be?
This is a good stop for a short visit to the petroglyphs and/or to the old village site. We didn't look at the village.
What may be of more interest is that you can camp here as well. There is a campground about 10 miles further up the road that leads from Hwy 54 to the site. We didn't go on back to see it but you can also camp right at the petroglyph site as well. There are a couple of sites with electric and water that are $10/night. If you pay the day use fee, you can also stay the night at the other sites. All fees are halved if you have a Golden Access Pass, which Lou does. In fact, the day use fee is waived with the pass so you can stay here for free for up to seven days. There is no dump but there is a free dump at the visitor center in Alamogordo.
It was too early in the day to consider stopping so we headed on. We'll remember this site for a future longer stay.

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