Sunday, February 5, 2006

Las Vegas

Saturday: I tinkered around the RV this morning. My foot wasn't in the mood to do much walking. Brother Ernie called and said he was just down the road at the Wild West Casino so we got together for an early dinner at his favorite Chinese food place, the Palace Station Grand Cafe. We then went by the Rio to watch the shows for a while.
Sunday: I drove over to the Wild West and met Ernie for breakfast. We did some miscellaneous shopping and then tinkered with the computers for a while.
Las Vegas MGM Lion Cub Las Vegas Mirage
Las Vegas Mirage Las Vegas Mirage
We went over to the Las Vegas Strip in the afternoon. Watched the lion cubs at the MGM. Watched the volcano erupt at the Mirage. Had dinner at Harrah's. Wore our feet out even though we rode the monorail for some of the excursion.
Las Vegas Paris Las Vegas Paris
Got lost in Paris.
Las Vegas Mirage Don Las Vegas Mirage Ernie
Proof we were here. Ernie always looks better in pictures.
Las Vegas Flamingos Las Vegas Koi
I watched the show rehearsals at the Rio. Quite different than watching the show.
I caught the shuttle over to Cesar's to look around. Watched the Sinking Of Atlantis show in the forum. Not too impressive. I also looked around the Habitat at the Flamingo. The pictures above don't do it justis. It's a pleasant place to get away in the middle of a desert.
Ernie returned to town passing through from Utah toward Tulare, Ca. We had dinner at the Silverton and watched the feeding of the fish.
Today is clean up, touch up day. Little tasks to be done to the RV. I finally caught up on the tasks and went in to catch the 3pm show at the Rio.
Lou arrived back from Palo Alto via Bakersfield a little after 4pm. We had dinner at the Gold Coast across the street from the Rio. We caught the shuttle over to Cesar's Casino looked around the forum shops and at the Flamingo Habitat and other spots on Las Vegas' Strip.
Wednesday: Lou and I went out shopping. We went out to the Galleria Shopping Center off Hwy 215. After a bunch of looking around most of the day we returned to the RV to relax. We went and watched a couple of the shows at the Rio and called the day done.
Thursday: Lou fixed a nice omelet and we headed out to see Hoover Day.
Hoover Dam and Lou Hoover Dam Generators
Hoover Dam Intake Hoover Dam Powerhouses
We took the tour of the dam. I was surprised to see trucks and campers crossing the dam. I had thought they were prohibited. Could have sworn that was what the big signs said on Highway 95. Evidently not so. They just get inspected, thoroughly.
We last toured the dam in 1979. It's not as good a tour today, but still worth a visit.
We stopped for dinner nearby at the Hacienda Casino, the first casino after leaving the dam. We had seen an irresistible sign, $3.49 dinner buffet. We arrived about 3pm. Dinner wasn't until 4pm so we had to hang around. They had a $2 blackjack table so i sat down for a while. It's the first gambling I've done since arriving this time except for a couple dollars at keno and slots. I did OK, walked away $20 up, paying for dinner plus some. The dealer was on his first day so it was interesting.
Dinner was very good, well worth the stop.
I had made a map up of hobby stores. I'm thinking of getting a Slo-V Radio Controlled plane. These are electric powered RC planes that fly slower for easier control. We had seen one at Pismo Beach when we were there last time and it looks like fun. Now, being a cheap sort, it's the price that will determine if and where it's obtained.
Friday: We had breakfast at Sam's Town.
I continued the search for the RC plane. I bought one at Nice Twice Hobbies nearby. It's the ParkZone Slo-V Electric RTF. I'll get a picture sometime but here is some information. I put the plane together ready for a flight test tomorrow.

MGM LionessLioness Video

We went over to the strip again. Our tour included the MGM lions. Lou had not seen them. This time, it was a couple of lionesses. I got some video of our visit.
Saturday: Today started with an attempt tot fly my new plane. The flight was short and to the point (the ground). The propeller shaft came off and a retaining clip was lost. Off to the store to get a replacement. It was then too windy for this amateur so will try again tomorrow.
We then went out looking at clay shops for Lou.
We had lunch at the South Coast Casino South of town. It was then time to do the laundry. We're now ready to head out of town tomorrow.
Sunday: We went to "The Egg And I" restaurant for breakfast. Very good omelet.
We then went by Clark High School's playing field to try flying my RC airplane again. There were a few times when the plane traveled through the air with easy and a number of interesting crashes but all in all, things went well. I'll get the hang of it eventually. It was probably a bit too windy today but I still practiced take offs and landings anyway.
We then returned to the Rio Casino and hooked up with the RV to head out. It was 1pm by the time we were on the road.

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