Saturday, February 25, 2006

Roswell, NM, UFO Museum

We had a very good rain last night at Valley Of Fires. First rain around here for over 150 days.
Roswell UFO Museum Roswell UFO Museum
We headed East toward Roswell. We spent the afternoon looking around the UFO Museum. I'm still unconvinced. It looked like they are reading a lot into iffy and non evidence. Lou, on the other hand thinks there must be something to it.
Seems odd to me that all pictures are questionable. If extraterrestrials did exist, they would have sent in the exterminators to rid the universe of earthlings long ago.
We continued down the road toward Carlsbad stopping for the night at Brantley Lake State Park about 20 miles from Carlsbad. We've been trying to be settled before it gets dark. Maybe we're learning. Our site with electric and water is $14. While the area is rather barren, we are camped overlooking the lake.

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