Sunday, February 12, 2006

Burro Creek Campground, Arizona

Sunday: After leaving Las Vegas about 1pm, we headed South on Highway 93 across Hoover Dam toward Kingman, Arizona. When we crossed Hoover Dam, the inspection of the RV was a little quicker than I would have thought. We must look like good old folks because we were on our way in about a minute.
We stopped for a walk and got information at the Old Power Station Visitor Center on things to do in Arizona. We're headed down toward I10 and will be going by Kartchner Caverns State Park among other things.
Tonight we stopped at Burro Creek Campground, a BLM campground. We arrived after dark. That always makes things more exciting. We had been in Las Vegas dry camped for 10-11 days so it was time to empty the tanks and fill the water. Fortunately we could do both here at Burro Creek. A nice campground! We'll see if it looks as good when the sun is up tomorrow. We will probably stay here another night if it is. There is no cell phone service here so the satellite Netzero phone worked well to call our daughter Dawn.
Burro Creek, Arizona Burro Creek, Arizona
Burro Creek, Arizona. Click on this image to see a movie of the creek. Fire At Burro Creek, Arizona. Click on this image to see a movie of the fire.
We played in the river today. We hiked and waded along the river checking out the flora `and fauna.
There was a nice breeze so we flew our kites as well.
We had a nice campfire in the evening.
(Click either of the lower two pictures above to see videos.)
Busy, busy!

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